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Base LA 30, Base LA 70, Base LEA 70.

Anionic surfactants from vegetable origin. That provides excellent foam detergency and viscosity properties. BASE LADue to its pronounced solubility in water, it is suitable for formulating clear shampoo. BASE LEAIt info


Cetearyl olivate. It´s made from extra virgin olive oil, which provides a smooth gliding and a non-greasy texture to the touch. In facial and body products, it improves gliding and info

DEET – Insect repellent

Dermol Rep 100 has a content of NN diethyl toluamide greater than 99%. The suggested concentration effect lasts approximately six hours. It is perfectly usable in hydro-alcoholic, oily lotions, oil-in-water info

Base SCI 85

Mild anionic surfactant for the manufacture of solid shampoo and liquid formulations for the skin and hair cleansing. Rich, creamy and stable foam. Sensory smooth and silky. 100% biodegradable.

Soluble Sulphur

Soluble SulphurMicro dispersed elemental sulfur in aqueous medium.Efficacy of the product at very low concentration as a regulator of sebaceous glands and normalizing the cutaneous functions.It provides keratoplastic andantiseborreic action info

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